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Global Expansion and Investment Support

Marketing | Pitch & Presentation | International Growth


We help startups to create or revamp their brand and to define an efficient marketing strategy. We also support them in the execution of this strategy.

· Discover client profiles
· Define targets and messages
· Design graphical deliverables


Our team will support you throughout the whole process of designing and delivering a pitch whether to get investment, to increase sales, or to improve brand awareness.

We help you win major pitch contests and strike investment and sales deals.

· Pitch structure & Pitch deck
· Pitch Speech
· Strategy & Rehearsal
· VC Q&A


Our consultants will guide you to polish your message and materials for overseas markets.

We introduce our clients to foreign partners to achieve mutual objectives.

· Source and connect to international VCs
· Find overseas clients, partners, distributors
· Assist during the meeting and negotiation

Simply take off.

Juliana Lee & Partners helps startups and incubators that have the challenges to improve their marketing, increase sales, get investment, or attract partners in Korea and abroad.

We provide consulting services in marketing, sales, communication, PR, and support for international growth to generate impact and ensure your success.

Cele™ Method



strategy for overseas expansion

Speech, Slides, Nonverbal

Pitch for PR, projects, and investment

Message, Arguments, Structure

Enhanced message for

product and company value

Marketing & Sales

Partnership, Export marketing,

Sales and branding


Marketing, Sales,

Brand Strategy

Message Delivery for Product

and Company Value

Pitching for PR,

Pitching for PR, Project, and Investment

Communication Strategy for

Overseas Expansion

Evaluation of Growth

Engines and

Technology &

Buyer Discovery


Company Analysis

· Product market fit

· Business model


· Script preparation

· Copywriting

· Interpretation and translation service

Pitch Deck

· Structure

· Slide editing

Presentation Rehearsal

· Speech coaching

· Competition and stage preparation

International Expansion

· Translation

· Interpretation

· Localization

Meeting & Negotiation Prep

· Agenda setting

· Contracts and contract Review

· Domestic and international networking with VCs and partners

IR & Partnership Course (Seminar & Mentoring)
Program Detail Period and Features
IR Pitch Deck & Pitching Seminar
Buyer Meeting Seminar

IR pitching for startups to enter the global market

Standard pitching structure of 5-10 minutes and speech strategy

Delivering points and CTA techniques for pitching purposes (investment, export, distribution, partnership)

Improving pitching structure appropriate for business models, markets, and products/services

Meeting and Q&A strategy

In-person or Online class
Pitch deck expression &
copywriting (text)

A 5-minute pitch deck prepared based on the module 1 structure

Analyze product, market characteristics, business model, customer base

Expressions, Unique Selling Point, catchphrases

Company-specific consulting
Mentoring & Networking

Establishing a pitching strategy

Speech and verbal/non-verbal communication coaching for non-native speakers to effectively deliver to an English-speaking audience

Customized consulting according to corporate needs such as export, investment, licensing, and distribution

Connection with experts, partners, and investors

One or multiple mentors can participate depending on the field and needs

Hourly/ Weekly/
Monthly coaching

PoC/ BM Overseas Expansion Projects (2019-Present)

2022 INNOBIZ BM/ PoC/ Marketing project for Auto parts SMEs (Germany, China, Russia, CIS, Southeast Asian Countries)

2021Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center, Manufacturing Tech Company x Plug & Play meetings (USA, China, Singapore)

2019-2021 Gwangju Techno Park Silicon Valley business meeting strategy consulting

2020-2021 Innobiz: Korea-Russia Innovation Platform Online Meeting Consulting

2020KOTRA companies x Nestle online meetings & technical agreement discussions

2019-2022 Arranging online buyer meetings for agencies' RFPs

2019-2021Y&Archer accelerator program: overseas buyer meeting support & business consulting

2020-2021 Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) support for individual BM/ business proposals entering Europe (France, Germany, UK)

2019-2020 Busan Center for Creative Economy and Innovation: buyer meetings for 20 overseas companies (Germany and French manufacturing and beauty fields)

2019-2021 Art Management Support Center K-Musical online road show support & consulting

2020-2021 Creative Economy Innovation Center Online Buyer Search & Meeting Support

2021Chungnam Creative Economy Innovation Center: overseas meeting materials production

2020-2021 Support meeting with local partners in the US and Singapore VCs for 15 individual customer startups (Fields: bio, food, e-commerce, content)

Worldwide Coverage

Juliana Lee & Partners Co., Ltd. works with more than 10 partner consultants in 7 regions.





Jaehyun Ahn, CEO of Stockeeper

I learned from the frame of the direction of introducing the business that can give value. It was just one coaching session, but I think it was life-changing for me. Thanks to you, I could win the grand prize in the Fintech Idea Contest.

Jongseok Lee, CEO of Withfund

I’ve already had two great moments with JLP. After receiving the IR pitching mentoring, I won the grand prize from the Fintech Idea Contest. Then, from the global IR pitch mentoring, I had excellent results from the business plan to the overall pitch matters.

Changbae Hwang, CEO of CYAG

It felt like a discussion among team members. I was deeply impressed with the skill that allowed me to brush up our pitch deck. It was amazing that we could densely derive the core contents of technology and set the marketing direction in such a short time. Thank you. 

Seungjoon Min, CEO of Playcode

CEO, Juliana’s mentoring gets deeper and more favorable as time goes by. It’s the best mentoring I’ve ever had.

Kevin Kim, Director of Alphacircle

We received pitch consulting from JL&P. It was different from other services in that she pointed out what we really need and suggested and corrected how to change the content directly.

Above all, the CEO’s confident voice and trustworthy feedback from her professional knowledge and experience in pitch made me want to receive the service again! It’s more than a five-star service!

Jangook Kim, Ph.D. Director of Namdo Mold
Through the ‘US Silicon Valley Investment Attraction and Technology Cooperation Program’, I received mentoring for 4 weeks. I had a series of moving impressions as she, a global speech mentor and corporate investment expert, led us with the best professionalism and passion.
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Startup & SME Support

Startup & SME Support

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